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An absolute game changer when it comes to reducing your use of plastics! I have tried many different brands when looking to stock Wax Wraps, and these are by far the longest lasting and most durable of the bunch!


Perfect for packed lunches and picnics, snacks on the go, cheeses, fruit and veg and so much more. Use again and again, knowing that each time you do, you are choosing reusable over disposable. 


Made with Cotton, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil and Pine Resin. They last for ages (mine are over a year old and still going strong!), and will eventually need a little refresh (a small amount of grated beeswax sprinkled over the wrap and melted in the oven).


These wonderful wraps are made in small batches in Somerset by Pip and Ettie.

Sarnie Bag 20cm x 25cm